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Portfolio created 8/5/2018

Ultrasmsscript is a SMS marketing software provider that has been operating since 2012. We provide a web-based group messaging platform which clients can use to send out bulk text messages to customers, run marketing campaigns or create their own SMS marketing service business.

Whilst most SMS marketing service providers offer their users a fixed amount of monthly texts for a monthly fee, we do things differently. With Ultrasmsscript, businesses are in control of their own text campaigns. There’s no monthly fees and no ongoing commitments. We simply provide the software for you to use for a one-off cost.

Our aim is to help businesses run SMS marketing campaigns for less. We allow businesses to get wholesale prices and send messages for a fraction of a penny.

Our product:

Our web-based platform is functional and intuitive. It’s suitable for complete beginners and marketing experts alike. Our messaging gateways are linked to over a thousand providers in hundreds of countries to allow for international reach with your SMS marketing campaign.

Our software can be used for many different purposes, such as:

- Collecting customer data via two-way message polls and surveys
- Reminding customers of upcoming events or dates via text
- Sending out exclusive deals and promotions to boost sales


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